How to Easily Show Remote Work On Your Resume

You can usually do that in your resume’s work experience section, but some examples merit a dedicated section such as speaking engagements or publications. To be perfectly clear about the status of your remote work, you can list both your location and the location of your company. When choosing your location, you can list either the location where you were based or the location where your company is based — there’s no need to specify which if you don’t want to.

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Some companies may hesitate to hire you for a remote position if you’ve never worked remotely before (even if you’re otherwise qualified for the role). No matter the case, your remote job resume is your best opportunity to make it clear you’re looking to work remotely from the get-go. The first thing you want to do is use your resume to let potential employers know you’re looking for a remote job. Remote work is not just about working from home, but the skills you command to efficiently perform tasks remotely.

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Besides looking for remote roles broadly, it could pay to look into particular companies known for being great remote employers. While there’s a lot of noise about return to office, most companies are choosing hybrid work, and more people work remote than ever how to list remote work on resume before. According to the most recent Stanford WFH study data, one in four US working days are now remote. Even if your company has a tech department, if your screen suddenly goes blank, it’s up to you to fix the problem quickly so you can get back to work.

Remote work is a working model where people don’t have to go to a physical office. Without superior communication skills, you may find yourself correcting the record or apologizing for frustrations your miscommunication caused. As sales manager, I was responsible for completely revamping our sales department to increase productivity and sales revenue. That transformation led to a 35% increase in closed sales, a 28% rise in revenue, and a 19% increase in repeat sales. Mark contributions as unhelpful if you find them irrelevant or not valuable to the article. I realized I was making so many mistakes on my resume that I’ve now fixed.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Listing Remote Work

The work experience section is the most critical part of your remote resume. Done right, your resume summary will grab recruiters’ attention and get them to go through the rest of your resume in more detail and attention. Consistently exceeded performance benchmarks by maintaining a resolution rate of over 90% while handling an average of 50 calls per day from my home office. Independently developed and implemented a customer relationship management system to track and analyze sales data, which resulted in a 15% increase in repeat business.

They want to know their work is valued and that their contributions matter. And they want to see a future at the company that allows them to grow and develop. Since you aren’t all working together in an office setting, you don’t have the opportunity to collaborate in person, check in at each others’ desks, or chat in the break room to stay up to date. This means you need to find other ways to communicate effectively and clearly.

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While not everyone can uproot their family and move, it’s still better to have the option than not. For the most part, I’ve been surprised to see how similar remote work is from in-office work. Twitter pundits have been quick to form and share opinions, and I’ve seen a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about what «remote work» is, and how it works. Make sure you have clear processes in place for how and when your team will communicate with each other. This will streamline your workflows, build trust, and ensure accountability across the board. People want to be trusted to do their work, they want to be recognized for their contributions and feel a sense of purpose in their work, and they want regular feedback so they can continue to grow and develop.

Below, you’ll find a few more specific tips that can help highlight your remote experience. When working remotely, there are often more distractions and potential for procrastination. The ability to effectively manage time and prioritize tasks is a crucial soft skill.